It is our goal to save time, effort and extra miles for our patients to be able to establish effective therapies as soon as possible.

Medizin Augarten - Primary Health Care (PHC)

Measures covered by Public Health Insurance

  • Precautionary examination as of the age of 18,
  • Infusion therapy,
  • Infiltration,
  • Allergy treatment / desensitisation,
  • Surgery preparation, OP/surgery release,
  • Laboratory diagnostics, ECG,
  • Vaccination advice,
  • Mother-and-child-pass examination,
  • Lactation advice,
  • Diabetes advice ("Therapie Aktiv" – Diabetes im Griff), diabetes training,, official diabetes programme),
  • Wound management,
  • Nutritional therapy by Julia Kolonovits, BSc BSc, Dietician, Nutritionist.

Private medical services

  • Medical hypnosis
  • Clinical health psychology
  • Vaccination: routine and travel vaccination
  • Physical therapy (ultrasound, laser, repuls)
  • Patient decree – in German only!
  • medical certificates for insurance, sports association, etc.
Physiotherapie / Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy is a summary term for various treatments in the field of exercise therapy, physical therapy and various massage therapies. Physiotherapies are mainly used for diseases of the locomotor system resulting from chronic degenerative illnesses and consequences of accidents and neurological illnesses.
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Akupunktur / Acupuncture


Cure with acupuncture
The first writings on acupuncture date back about 3000 years. Acupuncture was introduced into European medicine in the 17th century and is a treatment for chronic diseases and pain.
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