Physiotherapie / Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a summary term for various treatments in the field of exercise therapy, physical therapy and various massage therapies. Physiotherapies are mainly used for diseases of the locomotor system resulting from chronic degenerative illnesses and consequences of accidents and neurological illnesses.


This summary term includes a series of treatments leading to an improvement in the patient`s mental-energetic potential.
Kinesiology - the science of muscular movements - is also included, various muscle tests being the diagnostic and feedback system in kinesiology. In this manner, the trained therapist can find causes and affected areas.

Exercise therapy

In exercise therapy, the patient actively participates in his/her own recovery by doing special exercise to strengthen the muscles and improve body posture under therapeutical supervision. Osteoporosis and pregnancy exercise are two special forms of exercise therapy which are performed in the same way as special exercise for rehabilitation after accidents and surgery.
Under the supervision of trained physiotherapist Ruth Duschek the patient`s perception of his/her own body is improved. As a consequence, the entire healing process is stimulated.

Physical therapy

As a field of medicine, physical phenomena such as light, heat, cold and electricity are used. These act to prevent and treat various illnesses. The different physical applications also play an important role in rehabilitation. The stimuli involved in physical therapy elicit various reactions in the body. After repeated treatments, disturbed body functions are remedied, finally leading to regeneration and alleviation of pain.

For this purpose, the Ambulatorium Augarten offers several therapies:

  • Soft laser therapy is used for post-traumatic and chronic joint problems and wound healing disturbances.
  • With the aid of magnetic field therapy, migraine and pain of the locomotor system can also be treated, further, it accelerates healing after fractures.
  • Electrotherapy includes microdyn treatment and TENS-therapy (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation). These are used, above all, for conditions of pain (e.g. tennis elbow) but also for circulatory disturbances or neuralgia.
  • From traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatment with cupping glasses and moxa therapy are used for muscle relaxation and to improve immune defence.

In many cases, a combination of several types of treatment is recommended.

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