Dr. Ivana Molnár

General Practicioner

Dr. Ivana Molnar

Panel Physician, ÖÄK Diploma for Nutrition Medicine, Diploma Medical Hypnosis, Emergency Physician.
Languages: German, Slovak, Czech, English.

In addition to the complete spectrum of general medicine and emergency medicine Dr. Ivana Molnár offers medical hypnosis. Treatments are offered for smoking cessation, stress management, sleeping disorder, weight control, pain, anxiety (fear of flying, phobia,...) and many more.

Costs for medical hypnosis are unfortunately not covered by statutory health insurance. Pleas find details in our price list.

2014 Emergency Physician
2015 Nutrition Medicine
2016 Medical Hypnosis
2016 Foundation of the Gruppenpraxis für Allgemeinmedizin OG, Dr. Wolfgang Molnár und Dr. Ivana Molnár.